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Elucidates App

Have fun knowing your exact age. Never forget an important date again. Countdown to all your key events. Add multiple birthdays. Create multiple lists. Create multiple events in each list. Set timely reminders. All your important dates in one place. Plus, Helios will donate £0.10 of your download fee to The Save the Children Charity. Download today. Fun for all the family. Fun for all ages.

How it works

Start using the app that everyone loves

Simply download from the App Store or Google Play Store. Go to the list page and add birthdays of all your family and friends. Tag them to appear on the home page and see their age by year, month, week, days, hours, minutes and even seconds.

How it works


By adding your families and friends’ birthdays you will always know their age and when their birthday is due. All at the touch of a few buttons.

No more searching through calendars on various devices and mailboxes. Simply create list categories and add the dates of your important events. Alerts will notify you of forthcoming events and you can always see how many years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds remain until the event is due to take place.

How it works


Create multiple list categories including anniversaries, holidays, concerts, business and pay days. Add multiple events to each list then set an alert. Each event comes with a countdown so that you always have time to plan ahead.